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Tomochan Tonkotsu Charsiu Tantanmen Ramen Family Kit : Mild

Tomochan Ramen Express

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1 Pack : Good for 3-5 Persons

Tonkotsku is a Japanese broth made from simmered pork marrow or pork bone. What makes this broth so special is the amount of time put into it. This broth is specially prepared by boiling the bones for about 8 to 12 hours or more

Pack includes fresh ramen noodles 75g x 3, soup base, tantan pork

Tomochan Ramen is by Chef Akiko Okamoto-- a very charming lady from Japan.  She opened up her Ramen shop here in Manila and wants to bring authentic ramen to every Filipino home : "We eat ramen almost everyday in Japan.  I want to make it easy and affordable for everyone here."

Akiko's ramen is delicious, definitely healthy and made with no preservatives.

How to cook your ramen kit:

  1. Put noodles in boiling water, set timer to 1 minute
  2. Put soup base and add 250cc hot water in the bowl
  3. When the noodles is ready, add it in the soup base
  4. Add the toppings included in your ramen kit

**Ajitsuke tamago and leeks are not included in the set.

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tonkotsu ramen
Tomochan Tonkotsu Charsiu Tantanmen Ramen Family Kit : Mild