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Really reminds me of the taste of Bacolod Inasal. Excellenr!

Acceptable but not so tasty. Does not approximate the taste of Bacolod inasal.

Woah! Pleasantly surprised with this! Fun and handy to eat! Super satisfied my cold, sweet and creamy cravings! I want more!

Bibigo butter beef riceball

So convenient and easy to prepare. Individually wrapped. Just pop it into the microwave and enjoy! I was surprised at how yummy and satisfying it is.

My daughter and I love it very much. My daughter said to have it included in our Noche Buena. Will definitely order again.


This had a fishy smell and aftertaste. I get that this is mixed seafood but it didn't smell or taste fresh. Seafood variety wasn't balanced either...I think in my pack there were about 8-10pcs of shrimp, mostly squid and scallop meat. Won't buy this again.

Good alternative to fresh ones

This was my first time to try frozen asparagus. At first I was dismayed to see that they were big, because that could mean they would be tough. But surprisingly, they're not. Grill or stir-fry, this is a quick and easy alternative to the fresh ones.

Good buy

1st time to try this. It's actually very convenient to use compared to having to clean and prepare fresh broccoli. Will order again.

so deliciousss ! sulit!

so delicious!!

Love it. It's our second time to order this.

Meiji Blueberry Yogurt

Arrived partially melted

Addictive bacon crisps

We enjoy these 🥓 best when fried extra crispy !

The best sapin-sapin

Hands down the best tasting sapin-sapin I've ever tried.

Quick and easy!

Good quality, recommed this on stir fry

Enjoyed by my kids

We really liked this one, so flavorful. It’s like the pinoy pares of Korea :)

Coating does not stick

Chocolate coating does not stick to the ice cream. Sprinkles are not crispy.

Cute and Yummy

These cute Siopao does not only deliver in kawaii department but they sure taste good too. I love it and my loves them too. Delivery was smooth and transaction was efficient. Can't find any fault but only praises. Keep up the good work and consistent quality.

Satisfied buyer

Well packed. Love the ice cream quality too.

Matcha Fan

I love this! It's all matcha from shell to ice cream.

Matcha Fan

I am a bit disappointed with this since I did finish the 6-pc in a box and I haven't tasted the matcha part of the sherbet/popsicle. The taste of the vanilla sherbet and red bean is obvious except for the matcha. If you love the bitter taste in match then I won't suggest this sherbet bar.

Matcha Fan

For those who love to try out anything that's matcha, you won't be disappointed with Kurimo's Matcha-flavored ice cream.

Tiger Sugar Boba Ice cream

Thanks for having this product in your lineup!

Solid option

This is my go-to option for when I'm craving Carmen's Best Ice cream and the Brown Butter Almond Brittle isn't in stock (or when my budget's a bit tight). Sugary almonds in Carmen's Best's rich and distinctly milky ice cream base; hits all the right notes.

Fave flavor

The almond brittle goes so well with Carmen's best ice cream base. Think: chunks of caramelized almonds in rich cream... definitely my Carmen's Best Ice Cream flavor.

Pretty good.

Ordered ube, the box was labeled ube, but the contents were chocolate. Still pretty good though. Will order again next time. Hopefully I'll get to try the ube version.