We do accept payments via GCash but the process is super manual at the moment. Please complete the order and select GCash QR as your payment method.

Upon submission, write down the order total - you will need to encode that later in the GCash app.

Scan the following FrozenMNL GCash QR Code using the GCash app:

Encode the order amount. Do not make a mistake please. Alright, check again.

After payment completion, save a screencap of the GCash payment confirmation.

At this point, you should get an FrozenMNL Order Confirmation via email.

Reply to that email and attach the screencap of the GCash confirmation.

Send it back to helpdesk@frozenmnl.com

Wait a few hours for our Customer Care team to confirm the payment and tag your order as paid. After which, our dispatch team will schedule your order for delivery.

Painful, noh?