Welcome to FrozenMNL!

It was on the 4th day of the lockdown that we hit on the idea to launch a frozen food delivery service as mobility was increasingly difficult. It was 8 in the morning and it took us 10 minutes to ideate, an hour to put a plan together and pool our resources, and a few hours to launch the entire digital service - online store, social media presence, initial SKUs, cold storage facilities, logistics, etc..

Our first sale came in at 2pm!

We were so happy!

Since then, we've been working 16hr days, 7 days a week hence to ensure you get your frozen food fix in a timely manner thru this pandemic-induced lockdown. 

We will continue to curate our product mix and get only the best for you and your fambam! And let's get used to this new normal and live life that is gentler on Mother Earth - we only got one!