It's been said that post-Covid19, we must all adapt to a "new normal" and FrozenMNL was built to respond to that by way of quality frozen goods delivery.

However, it's worth noting that shoppers may be deprived of the opportunity to do the 'pisil, amoy, tingin' check before you walk out of our virtual store.

As such, we crafted our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee policy to assure you that you can order with confidence - pork too fatty? beef slices too thin? gyoza thawed? We will replace it for free within 7 days - no questions asked!

Shopping online means that maintaining our reputation and customer service is just as important as food quality. Our business is built on the principle of fair play, honesty, and transparency as  we seek a long-term happy relationship with each and every customer that comes our way.

Audrey and I guarantee you nothing but happiness. Always.

Thank you for your trust!