Pancake House All Meat Spaghetti Sauce


Pancake House All Meat Spaghetti Sauce is packed by 500 grams and properly sealed in a clean SUP Foil with sticker label. Delivered in frozen condition, All Meat Spaghetti Sauce is a slightly brownish red-orange sauce with ground beef and ground pork. It has distinct spaghetti sauce flavor with slightly sweet and sour taste of tomato.

serves 4

Shelf Life: 
30 days

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Thaw pack of frozen spaghetti sauce in refrigerator overnight.
  2. Reheating in Sauce Pan over Burner:
  3. Open pack of thawed spaghetti sauce and transfer contents in sauce pan.
  4. Reheat for 5 minutes with occasional mixing to prevent burning.

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      Angie B.
      Comfort food right at home

      Have always loved Pancake House's spaghetti. So happy it's readily available at Frozen MNL and delivered straight to our home. Just cook some noodles, heat sauce, and enjoy!