Call me ignorant, but I have never tasted Balbacua my entire life until now.

And I am glad that I tasted this one in particular. When Carmina del Rosario, the chef and entrepreneur behind Mindanao Butcher’s brought her Balbacoa hand carried all the way from Davao directly to my Manila door, I was the happiest person. I devoured the entire pack good for 2-3 persons. No one was allowed to touch it as I happily ate it with patis, kalamansi, sili and a steaming cup of rice.

The Balbacua is a popular dish in the South of the Philippines, but its roots really come all the way from Spain. It really comes from the word “barbacoa”, which means meats cooked and simmered for a very long time in an open fire. Even Mexico has a dish called “Barbacua”.

Get it here:

Mindanao Butcher’s Balbacua was served in Madrid Fusion Manila. This rich stew is made from imported oxtails and tender Angus cuts of beef that is braised for six hours in ginger, ground peanuts, red peppers, and an assortment of local aromatics from Mindanao. The oxtails made the stew gelatinous, and the flavors were bursting and intense. I wanted more.

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December 21, 2021 — Audrey Uy