Every year we look forward to trying new food finds in Our Awesome Planet’s Ultimate Taste Test event. We fully support this event because we also find that we are on the same mission to support small shop and home food entrepreneurs.

A lot of the best food finds started out from the Ultimate Taste Test like Carmen’s Best Ice Cream, Pepita’s Lechon, Risa Chocolates and the Bhest Lasagne rated as #1 Manila’s Best Lasagne.

This year’s 2021 Ultimate Taste Test event was held at the Gallery Miranila, a charming Heritage Home and Library which also accommodates events and weddings along Mariposa, Quezon City. Here are our two favorites:

Butter Bros’ Bomb Pie

A New York inspired pastry, this custard filled buttery oat crusted pie is dense and definitely a treat paired with your favorite black coffee for breakfast or afternoon snack. A creation by a former PAL airline pilot, who now turned into a home baker making sweet delights he tried during his many international travels. Throw in the bomb of confectioners’ sugar and crack into this one of a kind pie.

Get it here: https://bit.ly/3qkOEZJ

Kabute’s Mushroom Sisig

Mushroom Sisig

Our tasting team loved the Mushroom Sisig by Kabute and we found out it made it to win this year’s Ultimate Taste Test Champion! Truly local, and even healthy, you won’t believe it’s not the usual pork sisig. Made of oyster mushrooms, native onions and chili spices, this Mushroom Sisig is best paired with rice and your favorite sisig condiments like a fresh egg, calamansi and toyo. Kabute Farm is from the famed mountains of Banahaw and their ready sisig packs are convenient to prepare. Make mushroom sisig pizza, pasta, lumpia and even as a salad topping.

Get it here: https://bit.ly/3yM9uoE

December 22, 2021 — Audrey Uy